In-State Comparison

Texas Football Win % Over Teis's Tenure


This graph shows how we compare to our in state competition in terms of win % over the past 15 years. As you can see, we are in line with the bottom 5 teams. 

Post Season Appearances Over Teis's Tenure


This graph includes our 2 post season appearances in FCS,  2005 and 2008. However, if you remove the FCS Playoff performances and just look at bowl games since we moved to FBS, we are last with 0 appearances. Even UTSA with just 7 years of having a football program has made it to the post season. 


Texas Football Win % vs Revenue

Win % Over the past 15 Years Compared to Revenue

Revenue was pulled from NCAA Finances on USA Today's website. The private universities listed were found through various other sources. 

As you can see by the trend line, there are 5 universities performing at or above the trend line that indicates the relation between revenue and winning percentage based on averages. 

There are 7 universities that are under performing based on their revenue to win % and Texas State is one of those. 

Texas State also has the 2nd highest revenue/budget compared to our main peers in Texas including UTSA, Rice, UNT, UTEP, SMU, and UH.