Post Season Success Rate

G5 Peer AD's

This graph is based on Will Butler's spread sheet for G5 AD competitiveness found here.

Will said it best when he stated, "That puts Teis’s postseason success rate at an inexplicably bad 0.07. For the 31 current peer group ADs who have been in their jobs for 3 years or more, Teis’s postseason success metrics rank at 30th. Only Ryan Bamford of UMASS trails Teis on this front, and he barely meets that criteria by being in his third season."

This graph includes all of the AD's from his "Master" sheet as opposed to just the AD's that have been in their role for  3 or more years. As you can see, the only AD's worse than Teis on this graph have been in their positions 1, 2, or 3 years. Ball State, Bowling Green, EMU, New Mexico, San Jose State, ULL, ULM, UMASS, and UNLV all have AD's with less than 3 years of tenure. 

If you are curious as to how the post season success rate was determined, here is Will Butler's introduction to the data, An Evaluation System for G5 AD Competitiveness.