FOIA Actual Donor Stats


These numbers came from an FOIA request and are more accurate and in depth than the promotional numbers from the Bobcat Club Brochure listed below. These more accurate numbers show that we have now fallen behind every peer group that the Bobcat Club has deemed a peer university. Donor relations are a part of Larry Teis's contract and he is in violation of 3 separate clauses within his contract. He should be terminated immediately for these violations. 

This data also shows that the highest donor is now only donating $25,000 and we have 0 donors at the Champion or Hall of Fame levels. 

Number of Donors


Considering the 180K living alumni for TXST, we should be more in line with SMU, UH, Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech for number of donors. This indicates a lack of alumni engagement by Athletic Director Larry Teis compared to our peer universities in the state of Texas.

Amount Donated


With less than $2 Million donated to the Annual Fund, we are once again behind our core in state peers UTEP, Rice, UTSA, SMU, and UH indicating a lack of donor engagement by Athletic Director Larry Teis.