About Us



This site was created by passionate TXST fans that are tired of the status quo within our athletic department. The website is designed as an information hub for the reasons it's time to move on from Athletic Director Larry Teis.

Quick Hitters


  • Sub-par Winning Percentage
  • Poor Coaching Hiring/Firing
  • Poor Alumni and Donor Relations
  • Poor Media Relations
  • Poor Marketing Efforts
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Non Existent Vision
  • Poor Communication
  • Attempts to ruin the tailgate experience TXST has always been known for



Remove the current Athletic Director and replace him with someone that can capitalize on TXST's unrealized potential. Change the culture of mediocrity within the athletic department and all sports. Spread awareness within the TXST fan base in order to increase long term support of a successful athletic department.


Click the link below to learn about the active campaign that everyone can participate in and don't forget to use the #FireTeis!